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Extract WGSRPD Level 3 (area) codes.


get_wgsrpd3_codes(geography, include_equatorial = NULL)



Character. The geography to convert into Level 3 codes. May be a WGSRPD area (Level 3), region (Level 2) or continent (Level 1), country (political) or hemisphere ("Northern Hemisphere", "Southern Hemisphere" or "Equatorial")


Logical. Include Level 3 areas that span the equator? Defaults to NULL, which generates a message and includes these areas. Ignored if geography is not a hemisphere.


Character with area codes (Level 3) that fall within the geography.


Country mapping follows Gallagher et al. (2020). Importantly, this means that some overseas territories are not considered part of the country in this system, e.g. the Canary Islands are designated as their own Level 3 area, rather than part of Spain in this mapping. Where this is ambiguous, the mapping can be explored using View(wgsrpd_mapping).

Gallagher, R. V., Allen, S., Rivers, M. C., Allen, A. P., Butt, N., Keith, D., & Adams, V. M. (2020). Global shortfalls in extinction risk assessments for endemic flora. bioRxiv, 2020.2003.2012.984559.


#>  Matches to input geography found at Country (Gallagher) and Region (Level 2)
#> [1] "BZC" "BZE" "BZL" "BZN" "BZS"